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We ship worldwide from warehouses in China, UK and USA.




We offer several shipping options from China. The available options and prices will appear on checkout. We normally ship with Hong Kong post with a tracking number. 


Hong Kong Post (airmail)
Packages are shipped from Hong Kong with a tracking number. Normal delivery times are 7-20 days, but it can take up to 35 working days to some countries. Max 2Kg's. Custom clearance in destination country. 

Express (Fedex, DHL or UPS depending on destination)
The fastest and most reliable solution! We normally use DHL Fedex in Hong Kong, there is 2-3 days handling time from when we send it to DHL/Fedex get it in Hong Kong. Total delivery time is 4 to 7 days.


All taxes and custom fee's have to be paid by the customer when shipped from China! Not all options are available to all countries.

SHIPPING via BELGIUM (to EU countries only):


Belgium post
We offer shipping via Belgium to many countries in the EU. We send daily orders from China to Belgium where they are imported and sent out as regular mail. There will be no further customs clearance in the EU destination country. It might take some days until the tracking number becomes available for this shipping option.
This shipping option will appear as "Belgium Post" under EU Shipping when available.


Note that we do not provide a VAT invoice as these packages are sent as DDP.

SHIPPING FROM UK Warehouse (for a limited product selection):

Mailed from UK
We stock a limit number of products in the UK which are packed and shipped by Amazon for us. Packages sent in this way will arrive in 1 to 5 days. This option will appear as "UK Warehouse -  Standard (2-5 days)" when you have only products that are stocked in the UK in the cart. 


SHIPPING FROM USA Warehouse (for a limited product selection):

USPS and Fedex
You can buy a limit selection of our products from our USA warehouse at for quick delivery. We can also ship to USA from China. 


25 Comment(s)

27/03/2014, 03:10:10 PM

hi, how can you order with delivery in Russia and how much shipping will cost?

HiFimeDIY Web:
28/03/2014, 02:59:14 AM

Hi, yes we can send to Russia. Put the item(s) you want in the cart, go to checkout and you will see shipping prices. Delivery Method Shipping from China Hong Kong Post REGISTERED $8.16 German post (from China via Germany) REGISTERED $9.91 EMS $42.66

Cristina L Francisco:
11/06/2014, 02:39:50 PM

Can I prepay custom duties and taxes thru UPS or Fedex so I won't have problems?

HiFimeDIY Web:
12/06/2014, 08:41:03 AM

Hi, sorry it's not possible to prepay taxes with UPS or Fedex. They will contact you to collect payment for any duties/taxes. If you're in the US, then you can buy from to have it shipped from within the states. If you're in EU, then you can chose Belgium post to have it deliverdd from within the EU

11/06/2014, 05:37:14 PM

If i chose express shipping from belgium, how many days does i normally take from i place the order till i have it in my hands? i know the shipping option says 5-12 days, but i haven't gotten a tracking number?

HiFimeDIY Web:
12/06/2014, 08:42:56 AM

Hi, it takes 7- 16 days incl handling time for the fastest Beglium post option. It's normal that it takes a few days until you receive the tracking number,

Min Park:
19/06/2014, 10:56:00 AM

Please send me shipping cost to New Zealand. Regards,

09/08/2014, 12:34:30 PM

I am from INdia-Mumbai. interested in purchasing DDX320V2.2 2.1 with remote. What would be the shipping cost ? Do you have any idea how much the custom duty would be? Best Regards, Franklin.

HiFimeDIY Web:
11/08/2014, 02:00:08 AM

Hi, you can check shipping costs and options on the checkout page. We don't know about customs duty, we have sent some smaller dacs to India without any issues, but a bigger package like the ddx might be different.

12/04/2016, 11:28:23 PM

Oh I wish i had known there was a US site and distribution centre. I bought the sabre dac almost a month ago and still waiting for it to arrive. My only feedback at this time is to advertise it more! and maybe make the site detect the location and suggest the US site for me in the beginning.

HiFimeDIY Web:
15/07/2016, 03:42:37 AM

@V: Hope you have received it by now.. Shipping from China normally takes 2-3 weeks to US, but sometimes it can take 4+ weeks. We have made some updates to the website now so the USPS shipping option from Oregon should be more easily visible. Thanks

Ruel Garcia:
18/10/2014, 03:52:04 AM

Do you ship to New Zealand and how much will it costs?

HiFimeDIY Web:
15/07/2016, 03:39:59 AM

Yes we ship worldwide to any country. You can check shipping price and options by adding the product(s) to the cart and click checkout, it will display right away.

aamir raza:
25/05/2015, 04:22:12 PM

Dear sir, I live in Belgium. Is there a chance that I can buy the USB isolator ( directly from the supplier in Belgium ?

29/05/2015, 11:22:08 PM

hacen envios hasta mexico?

HiFimeDIY Web:
12/06/2015, 11:45:59 AM

Yes we can ship to Mexico

02/06/2015, 08:37:34 PM

how much is shipping cost to romania for a 28v power supply and a t2 kit ?

HiFimeDIY Web:
12/06/2015, 11:45:49 AM

You can check shipping options by adding those to the cart and click checkout. Cheapest options is Hong Kong post $22.31

HiFimeDIY Web:
12/06/2015, 11:45:24 AM

You can check shipping options by adding those to the cart and click checkout. Cheapest options is Hong Kong post $22.31

Sunny Leung:
24/06/2015, 10:38:16 AM

i want to ask do you have a shop in hong kong?

15/07/2016, 03:44:10 AM

Hi, we currently don't have a shop it HK, but we can send with SF, EMS or mail. It depends on the product, where we have it stocked.

Sunny Leung:
24/06/2015, 10:39:32 AM

How much will the shipping be in Hong Kong

25/06/2015, 12:15:43 PM

Hi, Living in Belgium (where you ship from) why do I have to pay so huge price and even more than China..??? Kind regards P. Collin

HiFimeDIY Web:
15/07/2016, 03:38:26 AM

Hi, it's because the products are not stocked in Belgium. They are in China and are then sent to Belgium after you place the order.

11/07/2015, 07:53:08 AM

I am from India-Bangalore interested in purchasing HiFime UH1 384Khz USB DAC, headphone amplifier and I2S/DSD interface Please let me know what are the custom duty charges

HiFimeDIY Web:
15/07/2016, 03:37:20 AM

Hi, yes we have a new shipping option to India now making it very quick and smooth. The shipping agent will import it in Delhi, so you'll receive it as a domestic package. - See more at:

09/08/2015, 08:06:33 PM

Hello, I live in Holland and want to order 2 small items. (diy amp and diy PSU). But with check out it says Belgium Post, registered, 5-15 days: 43.93€ Why is do I have to pay per item, and could you explain the huge costs?

25/11/2015, 10:27:05 AM

Hello, i am interested in your DAC ! Can i get this to Germany and what will it cost for me? Thank you in advance Bert !

15/07/2016, 03:36:18 AM

Hi, we have several shipping options available. Cheapest is unregistered $4.99 (not available for more expensive products).

20/01/2016, 02:04:34 PM

Hello, on 1st january 2016 I've ordered a USB DAC from your online store, According to the Hong Kong post online tracking, the item has been sent to the destination (Italy) on January 9 and left Hong Kong at that date. Until today (January 20 2016, after 20 days I haven't received anything ye, it could be normal? How long may I have to wait to receive the DAC? Do you know how long does a shipment usually take to arrive in Italy from Hong Kong? Thank you in advance for your attention, my best regard, Matteo

HiFimeDIY Web:
15/07/2016, 03:36:30 AM

Sorry about the slow reply, we are just reviewing some older comments now and replying in case anybody else has the same questions. It's quite normal that packages goes slowly through Italian customs. The EU shipping options are quicker to Italy, but also more expensive.

18/02/2016, 07:58:36 PM

How much will shipping be in the Slovakia ?

Altamash Sayed:
23/03/2016, 03:07:42 PM

Hi, Any idea of custom charges for Saudi Arabia for Android DAC?

15/07/2016, 03:32:25 AM

Hi, sorry about slow reply. I can see that you did place an order back in May. Maybe you can report back on if you had to pay any custom charges? Thanks

Altamash Sayed:
25/12/2017, 04:02:10 PM

No customer charges for Saudi Arabia.

Altamash Azhar Sayed:
25/12/2017, 04:02:28 PM

No custom charges for Saudi Arabia.

boram jung:
23/04/2016, 01:10:16 AM

Hi. I want to know your planned shipment date. My order number is #14361.

13/07/2016, 03:38:12 PM

Delivery in India is that possible

15/07/2016, 03:31:13 AM

Hi, yes we have a new shipping option to India now making it very quick and smooth. The shipping agent will import it in Delhi, so you'll receive it as a domestic package.

15/07/2016, 08:49:25 AM

May I know what does Singapore Direct Delivery? thanks.

15/07/2016, 08:55:02 AM

Hi, it is handled by an agent in Hong Kong. They will send daily shipments to Singapore where they custom clear it and send out as local packages.

27/09/2016, 07:37:28 PM

Hi, Interested with Sabre U2 asynchronous USB DAC, how long delivery and cost to hangzhou - China? Thank you.

08/10/2016, 01:45:03 PM

Hello, Is it possible to send your product to Serbia?

HiFimeDIY Web:
24/11/2016, 04:36:10 AM

Yes, we ship worldwide!

13/12/2016, 07:59:26 AM

is there any tax or custom fee shipping within china?

31/12/2016, 11:08:40 AM

Hi, there is no tax for delivery to China.

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