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Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I bought a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface hoping to improve my computer audio set up only for my hopes to get destroyed by this annoying ground loop noise that got picked up through usb!(most likely because of a bad and old motherboard) I scrambled around for a solution and ended up here at Hifimediy and took the 90 dollar gamble to try to solve my issue. Boy am I glad I did because this thing really works. Thanks Hifimediy!
HiFimeDIY USB Isolator
Doesn't work properly with Steinberg UR242. Drops connection out of the blue at random intervals. HIFIME REPLY: UR242 is a 192kHz sound card and requires high-speed mode. You can return it for a refund.
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
Works perfectly with an Octa-Capture (Roland), multichannel USB2 soundcard. It just stopped 99,9% of electric noise I had because of the ground loop in my system. Thx.
16/01/2020Florian Doidy
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
Unfortunately it didnt work for my issue but their customer service is fantastic and i quickly received a full refund. I recommend at least giving it a try, you have nothing to lose
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I'm very pleased. I wanted to get rid of the high frequency noise from the power supply. I managed to cut off that noise, but surprisingly, the sound quality jumped to a higher level. The bass went lower and the sound got deeper. Before that I used a lot of ifi equipment that didn't help anything: ifi iSilencer, ifi iDefender+iPower, ifi AC iPurifier and ifi Mercury. I have only a small problem. This galvanic isolator is very sensitive to current interference. Sometimes when I turn on the light or turn on the oven it resets the USB connection to DAC and stops playing. I don't know what to do about it yet. Sometimes it goes to sleep. I use it with Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019.
Bought this amp on pre-order, with the Connex Electronic PS. I paired it with a set of Wharfedale pi40 Limited Edition floor standing speakers. It's fed from my PC, through Behringer DEQ2496 mastering processor. All wiring is TOSLINK. This amp is very powerful compered to its size, but noisy! - I tried it with a Meanwell PS as well, with the same results. When it's on, and no music is playing, it's hissing through the speakers, and the pitch of the hiss changes when I twist the volume knob. It's also noticeable when music is playing. I tried to change the signal chain, but it remains the same. It has another quirk - the amp doesn't turn on if it's not synced. I wish that the power led was an RGB that has a different color for "on" and synced. P.S. The Connex Electronic PS has a very narrow voltage regulation margin. Very far from the +/-5V stated.
31/12/2019Hal Rockwell
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
I ordered this as a short term solution before ordering the UDA38Pro. I'm impressed over the sound. Especially when running uncompressed from MBP over USB. In my ears, the USB input sound a bit better than the optical. On Macbook Pro, please be sure to set the output to 24bit/96 to get the best out of it. Also works with apple camera connetion kit on iPhoneX. Even though the limitation in output power from the iX limits the performance a bit. I also have the Hifime 9018 but this one sound even better and have a wider soundstage with a "darker" background. Very versatile device and for the bucks this is really to recommend. Have now ordered the UDA39PRo based on reviews on the forum and really looking forward to it. Running on Beolab Penta, AKG K550 and AKG N40.
Hifimediy T3S Jantzen cap
I've powered the T3 S with 32V AC, 38V DC and 48 V DC. All of them works but I finally choosed the 38V DC because it runs 5 °C. less than the other voltages. The highest is 48V DC who bring the aluminium radiator to 62°C. I was surprised to see this temp. out of a class D amp. But except it….it's a really, really good amp. Very silent. Powerfull. Detailed but not surgical. Easy to assemble. Highly recommended.
10/12/2019Collin P.
Hifime UDA38Pro DAC (ES9038Pro + SA9227)
Just recently received this item and I was very impressed. I have used other DACs priced around $2000-5000 with mono power amps of Mark Levinson, but this small one has the best resonating sound of all. It is spacious and precise in the high tones and natural, velvet, and expanding sound stage. I know there is a negative review but I highly suspect it is because it did not have power supply and used USB power instead. That negative review says distortions but I am clueless why such review exists. I am pretty sure there is nothing like that. I use DC 12V 5A 60W power supply. It is more than what this unit requires but more is always better than less for power supply. For this price, I highly recommend this unit.
HiFimeDIY Android DAC
Works fine on my Moto E2 LTE, contrary to what I read regarding phone campatibility. Very happy, buying another!
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
I just received this item. Unfortunately for me, it does not even give power to my RME Babyface (original). Guess I am forever stuck with USB noise in my recordings until I get a new interface.
Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator
Didn't work at all. Does nothing to stop the noise.
07/10/2019Rustin Jarrell
Using this amp with the supplied 48v power supply to drive floor standing speakers in a medium sized room. I'm using the optical connection with a Cambridge Audio CD Transport to supply the UDP320. I haven't tried the USB connection. This amp will deliver music at high volumes and will easy fill my listening room. It handles all types of music in my system, even large scale classical. I several amps, all pre /powers including class A ( at many times the UDP's asking price ). I don't feel short changed when I use it and I am saving money on electric and my wife likes the lack of cabling all over the room. For the price this amp is a steal!
27/09/2019Michael Booth
Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m)
Very crisp sound from PC, I like it. But not recognizied from iOS 12.4.1 iPhone X(I tested hifime Micro B to lighting and Apple Camera USB adapter). HIFIME reply: We just found that the 12.4.1 iOS update broke compatibility with the lightning cable. We will update it to work with 12.4.1. You can contact us to exchange the one you have.
I hate to say it, but I was disappointed by this little amp. To my ears the sound is muddy, smeared out, lacking in clarity and detail... typical of what you'd expect from a cheap digital ampfilier. I don't know if it's a fair comparison but I A/B'd it with an old Pioneer receiver (SX-838), and the Pioneer won hands down. At least it's small, inexpensive and would make an OK backup if your real amp breaks. Hifime reply: what voltage power supply did you use? It might require 48V to perform at its best. 2 REVIEWS MERGED: Forgot to say I'm using it with the 48v Meanwell desktop power supply recommended by HiFime, and feeding it with the toslink output from my CD player. See also this thread:
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