About Us

Who we are

We are an international team of engineers and audio enthusiasts that share the background from the audio DIY (do it yourself) community. Some of us come from jobs designing and developing PCBs for electronics factories while some are hifi enthusiasts with a good ear and special interests for equipment modding, experimenting and improvement. We started in 2010 as a non-commercial forum, but we soon found that we would like to share our products with a wider audience, which would also enable us to spend more time on what we love.


What we do

We design and produce a range of audio products, mainly digital to analog converters (DACs) and power amplifiers. Our DACs are mostly based on the ESS Sabre DAC chips, and our amplifier are using class D chips from Tripath and St Microelectronics.

We also find and distribute other products that we we have found to be very useful and with good quality. This includes the Connexelectronic and Gopher power supplies, and various small useful accessories, cables and adaptors.

We also do OEM, we help to develop products and we supply parts to other brand’s products.


Our goal

Our main goal is always to produce the highest sound quality products at the best price. We have our focus on improving the inside electronics while keeping a simple effective product design. Of course we also don’t mind a good looking case, so we have recently hired professional packaging and product designers to design some new cases for us.


Where we are

We have several locations around the world. Our main research and production centres are in China. We also have an office in the UK for european sales, and we have warehouses in China, USA, UK, Canada and Japan. 



Hifime™ is a registered trademark in the EU by Hifime (UK) Ltd.

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